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Walked in a smoker, left a none smoker

Cormac put me instantly at ease. His friendly yet professional manner made him very easy to talk to. I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to get hypnotised for any reason.

– Sinead, 33

My lowest point came when I refused to get on the plane for our family holiday, while we were at the airport!

It meant my husband and 3 children couldn’t go either. I ruined the family holiday because of my fear of flying and felt utterly devastated. I had heard about Cormac at Dublin Hypnosis Clinic from a friend but was too afraid to go at first. When I eventually did manage to book my session, I as so surprised by my treatment. Cormac was, kind, understanding, professional and very respectful of my fear. Through the next 2 hours, I noticed my fear just melt away as if by magic. It’s literally turned my life around and I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

– Julie, 46

I would recommend Cormac to anyone struggling with weight issues or needing to shut the door on unpleasant childhood memories.

He goes above and beyond even if it means going over allotted time I have never felt rushed and have always found Cormac very welcoming and relaxing with no awkwardness.

– Deirdre, 52

Multiple Award Winner

Founder Cormac Colleran is the recipient of multiple industry awards for his work in hypnotherapy, including:

“BEST HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTICE IN IRELAND 2020” – Livewire Corporate Excellence Awards

“CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST OF THE YEAR 2019” – Irish Enterprise Awards

“BEST CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST IN IRELAND 2019” – Livewire Corporate Excellence Awards

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